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Making ship windows

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If you need new ship windows or replacement of old ones, you're in the right place. We make all kinds of ship windows from polycarbonate and plexiglass. Windows are made by machine on a CNC device. If necessary, if this situation requires windows, we blame the windows at the desired angle and rounding. We offer different types of polycarbonate and plexiglas materials. The basic colors we have for plexiglas materials are transparent brown/blue 5mm, 8mm transparent brown/dark grey, 10mm transparent brown/dark grey 50% and 90%, (see more in our catalogue).

You can place the order method in two basic ways, the first is to take off the existing windows and send them to us or to make on cardboard a pattern by which we make new ones for you. There is also a possibility if we have a ship identical to yours in the project base, then we just make you new ones and send them to you with one of the deliveries.

Manufacture of sliding ship windows from Plexiglass and polycarbonate

Sliding windows made of Plexiglas to your liking and dimension and shape. Guides are made with plasticized aluminum. The color of the guide can be what you want because we do plasticization for additional protection. In the guides there are brushes that fix the glass and serve as well as seals. We make glass from polycarbonate, plexiglass and tempered glass in the colors we have on offer.     More......

Manufacture of aluminum sliding ship windows

Sliding windows made ofoxed aluminum to your liking and dimension. Guides are made of industrial plastic (polymer). The color of the frame can be what you want because we do plasticization of the oxoxed aluminum, which we achieve additional protection. The breast guide has holes for draining water. This achieves that the water coming to the glass does not collect in the guides and does not wake the opportunity for the eventual wetting of the ship itself. We make glass from polycarbonate, plexiglass and tempered glass in the colors we have on offer.     More......


New in the offer is the manufacture of aluminum frames for ship windows. If your existing frames have failed or you are in the manufacture of new windows that need frames, you are free to contact us to create new ones. The workmanship itself goes in several stages. Computer window design, machining (cnc processing)   and plasticization or eloxation of aluminum frames to protect against oxidation. Frame colors and dimensions can be to the customer's liking.


Making luminous inscriptions for boats and yachts

We offer high quality Led inscriptions made of Plexiglas, stainless steel and other materials for the sea. The inscription itself is made in consultation with the client.

The agreed design is made to the CNC device, a part that lights up and a metal part that is most often made of stainless steel is specially made. These two works are beautiful with epoxy resin and the leds are placed in the indulgent part of plexiglass that is bayed with epoxy resin. The LEDs themselves are IP 67 protective. Who when the LEDs are placed in the grooves and when all the epoxy resin is watered represents one impermeable layer that will not lead to the deterioration of the LEDs. In principle, they should last what their life expectancy is, approximately 50 000 thousand working hours.

LED inscriptions are made by the highest quality method!

luminous yacht inscriptions

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